Aurora, CO – The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL) is pleased to announce Togo-Benin Winners FC as a participant in the June 2020 Premier one league to start this Summer.Winners FC is a Togo-Benin soccer club founded 2018 in Greeley, Colorado with the aim of bringing the brothers of these two neighboring countries together in good expectations. The two countries have very much in commons and as a community in Greeley they have been even more close together. 

The club played its first important match against the Somalian FC at UNC Stadium on 03/24/2019 in order to gauge its competitive form and set up a team management committee.

“We are excited to join the United Africa Premier Soccer League to showcase our talents and also know our fellow Africans in the different communities” Said Cluse Zisse the Team Manager

This will be the first Premier league of its kind within the African communities which players will be insure and will be able to compete in other states for their National Championships games.

The league is set to have Country base names to represent the many countries from Africa and the rest of the world in Colorado.

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