Aurora, CO – The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL) is pleased to announce Senegal Colorado Teranga Lion - as a participant in the June 2020 Premier one league to start this Summer.

Based in Aurora Colorado, The Senegal team has been one of the most outstanding organization in the African Community. “As you know Soccer is powerful tool to get people together all around the world, our team was formed in that bases because friends just wanted to get together and seeing each other on weekends to play soccer, eat at somebody’s house, play other games and really get to know each other. We were not more than 10 people and suddenly it doubled mainly because soccer was involved. We were a small team just meeting in parks and setting up small goals and play. As we start growing, we wanted to measure ourselves by playing teams mostly African teams and see if we can compete” said Mr. Mohamad Gaye the team Manager.

And to our surprise we had a good team. The Team started participating in the heritage tournament and had very successful tournament. We went to semifinals in 2018 and quarterfinals in 2019. Now here we are in this new league trying to compete with the best in the African community. We are looking forward to it and hoping the UAPSL will be a great league for our community.

The United African Premier Soccer league is set to have Country base names to represent the many countries from Africa and the rest of the world in Colorado.

You may contact the league if your community is interested to play in this year league.

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