Aurora Colorado - July 7, 2021 - The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL) is excited to announce Cameroonian Community of Denver Team (Denver Lions FC) as a new member as of the 2021 African Championship.

Denver Lions F.C is a creation of African Kings Football group which ended around 2012 - 2013. Back in the early 2000's the population of the African community in Colorado was very small, as such most Africans had friends from different nationalities. These groups of friends from different African nationalities eventually formed a football team made up of players from these different African countries. You had Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Ivorians, Sudanese, Malian and other African nationals.

As time went on, our various African communities increased, and people started identifying themselves more with their individual countries than with the United Nations of Africans which formed the African Kings Football club.

In 2020, after people had being locked down and working from home for so long as a result of COVID 19, a few former African Kings players decided to start playing once again in the same field in Green Valley Ranch. The fun derived from this little Sunday pickup games, led to the creation of the Colorado Denver Lions Football Club, with the same intention of bringing anyone interested in playing football. Denver Lions F.C is not limited to only Cameroonians, who are presently most of the team member. The team is open to people of all nationalities. Ivorian, Brazilian, Gambian, German etc.

More information about UAPSL – United Africa Premier Soccer league can be found at or by following the league on Facebook ( and Twitter (@africa_premier).

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Direct: 720 262 8698