UAPSL Welcome Team Mauritania - FFD Mauritania

Aurora, CO – February 19th, 2024, The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL) is pleased to announce Mauritania Community Team - FFD Mauritania, as the team makes its first appearance in the United Africa Premier League  in Colorado - UAPSL.

We used to be a few in the Denver metro area and played for other community teams but now we have a large number of players from our country so we have decided to come join the UAPSL. This is a league that brings all Africans in Colorado together, said Team manager Samba Diallo. It is exiting when you meet lots of friends and new comers from your country to participate in something they we all love since childhood.

The UAPSL is helping new comers in our communities to integrate to the larger communities.

This year Afcon Mauritania was a surprising team and we want to bring that to the UAPSL.

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