UAPSL Welcomes Somali Bantu Stars of Colorado

Aurora, CO – The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL)  welcomes  Somali Bantu Stars of Colorado as a participant in the June 2020 Premier one league to start this Summer.

Based in Aurora Colorado, the Team is one of the oldest community soccer team in Aurora . Lead by Hassan Sheikh Somali Bantu Stars have participated in Out of state African tournament.

Bantu Stars will begin UAPSL play in the 2020 June Summer as part of the Colorado UAPSL premier Division. All games of the United Africa Premier Soccer League will take place at The Lowry Sports Complex beginning June 7th, 2020

This will be the first Premier league within the African communities which players will be insure and will be able to play in other states for their National Championships games. 

The league is set to have Country base names to represent the many countries from Africa and the rest of the world in Colorado.

You may contact the league if your community is interested to play in this year league.

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