Aurora, CO – February 15th , 2024, The United Africa Premier Soccer League (UAPSL) welcomes  Colorado Lone stars as a participant in the June 2024 Premier one league to start this Summer.

Colorado Lonestar FC was founded on August 2, 2003, at Delmar Park. the team was established by West African immigrants, mainly from Liberia. As a result, the team was named Colorado Lonestar after the Liberian national football team.

In 2010, Colorado Lonestar FC became the first African team in Colorado to participate in an organized league by playing in what is now Colorado Premier League. Since 2010, Colorado Lonestar FC has been participating in local tournaments in the Denver area, with her proudest accomplishment coming in 2014 when they reached the International Heritage Cup Semi-final that year.

Colorado Lonestar FC participated in the Latino league in 2018 fall finishing in the Top Four positions. In the spring of 2019, Colorado Lonestar FC also participated in the Colorado super league and finished in the top six position.

Colorado Lonestars will begin UAPSL play in the 2024 Summer as part of the Colorado UAPSL premier Division.

The league is set to have Country base Teams to represent the many countries from Africa and the rest of the world in Colorado.

You may contact the league if your community is interested to play in this year league.

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