Breaking News: UAPSL kick off This Summer in New York City

The United Africa Premier Soccer League – UAPSL will start it's men's Premier Division in New York City. The league will kick of this summer with 8 teams. The league will serve the Africa community of the 5 boroughs of New York and New Jersey. The league will also invite other community teams in New York City and New Jersey.


United African Premier Soccer League - UAPSL, first of its kind in the USA, was first organized in Aurora, Colorado, which was used to promote an elite league for Africans and African descents communities. UAPSL is to help develop amateur athletes within the United States and hoping to expand in 3 other states- New York, Washington, and Georgia by the year 2024.

Within each state they will be competing for the championship and winners of each expanded African League will play in the championship tournament at the end of the year. The goal of the UAPSL is to connect all Africans and African descents in the USA. The United Africa Premier Soccer League also want to expand its membership to accommodate additional teams from different communities other than the African community. UAPSL is hoping to give an opportunity to all whom wishes to continue to play and reach their highest potential or those that just wish to play after their professional careers in soccer.

You may contact the league if your community is interested to play in this year league.

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